feelgoodLast week I decided to take up the offer from Feelgood Fitness Bendigo and get fit. So I arranged an initial assessment and braved the shops to buy workout gear (that is a whole story of its own).

Rocked up early, note deliberate omission of “bright” and was put through my paces on cardio. Well, within 20 minutes on the treadmill I was regretting the days I slept in rather then getting up for a walk. 10 minutes on the rower and I was kicking myself for stopping cycling to work each day (well, if I had the energy to kick myself I would have). 5 minutes on the step machine and I was cursing the Phys Ed class I wagged when I was in Year 8!!

Weights tomorrow……… heartfelt thanks, in advance, to whoever invented power steering. You can guarantee they weren’t a health nut!

sneakersOn a positive note, I was blessing my stability/cushioning gym shoes. If you are building your body from the ground up, you have to start with your shoes. Yes colour is important, but choosing a pair should be based on fit, performance and injury prevention.

Tennis shoes are designed for tennis, running shoes for running, walking shoes for walking. Believe it or not, this is not a ploy by the industry to get you to part with your hard earned cash. Manufacturers design shoes with the specific movements of each activity in mind to improve performance and reduce the risk of injury.

So it’s important to select an athletic shoe based on the exercise you plan to perform.