footDiabetic Assessments:

Specialised assessment: of the blood and nerve supply to your feet and lower legs; of muscle tone in the feet and legs; foot shape changes; and related complications.





Paediatric Assessments:

Caring for your children’s feet as they grow. ┬áPromoting healthy hip, knee and foot development

Includes: intoeing; shin splints; heel pain; knee pain; limping; plantar warts; and ingrowing toenails.




Photo credit Matiluba via CC BY-NC-NDGait Assessments:

Assessment of the body’s movements, skeletal positioning, activity of the muscles, and body mechanics during gait.
Identifying and addressing any biomechanical abnormalities.




IMG-20160721-WA0042Vascular Assessments:

Specialised assessments of the blood supply to the lower legs and feet.

Checking for related dermatological, muscular, and neurological complications.